What they don't tell you

What they don't tell you - Funnel Hacking

Aug 23, 2022

"Funnel Hacking"

What they don't tell you about funnel hacking is that you can only see a snapshot of the funnel you want to "hack".

You don't know their overall campaign strategy. You don't know what prep work has been done before they presented this funnel.

You don't know what audiences they are targeted.

You don't know how that business is perceived by those audiences.

You don't know what follow-up procedures they have in place.

You don't know if this funnel is still being tested or if it's proven.

Funnel hacking is a lazy approach to marketing your business and will ultimately only cost you time and money.

A better way to market is to take the time to understand your audience and create a dialogue that captures the heart and convinces the mind.